Services for business and individuals

e-Marketing / e-Detailing

Increase the effectiveness of your sales team utilizing technology that provides interactive rich presentations adapted to you and your customers needs.

Mobile aplications

In the world of mobile technology, stay ahead of the competition by providing your customers with mobile applications to promote your business.

Customer support.

What makes us different is the level of our commitment to our customers. Your needs are our priority and our expert team will provide solutions.

Web Development / eshop

Make your presence felt on the internet with a comprehensive modern and functional web site. We also specialize in the development e-shops which can reduce your overheads, lower marketing costs with better targeting and expand your geographical reach.


By using smart applications, your sales force have the ability to quickly send any orders and reduce the time lost on phone calls to the office. With the push of a button, the order is sent  together with a confirmation e-mail to your customer. Give your sales force more time for field visits by streamlining and automating time consuming processes.

Cloud services / Backup services

The benefits of cloud computing are numerous: reduction of cost, automatic updates, adoption is quick and simple and the list goes on. One of the top concerns of cloud skeptics is the fear of sacrificing data security when allowing company data to exist outside the internal firewall. Well according to SuccessFactors, security is actually increased when using cloud solutions due to strict ISO security standards that cloud providers must adhere to, in addition to the regular security audits. This means no more worrying about lost laptops with confidential data and treacherous hacking threats.

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